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Test Center



Xi’an Running Tech has invested millions of funds to build Test Center. It can conduct special test to each type of blade including hardness test, strength test, cutting simulation test (test the cutting quality, cutting lifespan, process data of cutting) etc., The stability of the cutting can be ensured through above test items. In addition, for the difficult cutting material, the Test Center can conduct the cutting according to the material provided by the customer. Meanwhile, it can provide appropriate blade for the user together with R&D Center.  
     The Test Center, which is equipped with Disco DAD 321 Scribing Machine, Hardness Tester,,
Electronic Tensile Testing Machine, etc.,  can conduct trial cutting, tuning of the process data and ensure the development of the blade.

Technical Support

In order to ensure the cutting quality and improve cutting efficiency, Running Tech will assist the customer to select optimum blade and cut-off process. If any technical problem occurs during the using of blade, contact us in time. We will provide you the best solution as quick as possible. Our technician will go to the production line to check and solve the fault.

Please provide following documents in detail when you order the blade. You will get more professional consultation and suited blade.




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