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R & D Center


Xi’an Running Tech R&D Center is dedicated to the research, design and development of new material and new process. With the professional spirit, Running Tech can provide high quality and high efficiency solution in cutting and grinding.


Group and Equipment:
The R&D Center has two Engineers in Chief, six engineers and six technicians with above intermediate title.
  The Enterprise, which established new material R&D Department and new Process Department with material performance research Office, has high design and development ability,
The R&D Center has advanced equipments such as Scanning Electron Microscope,
Laser Particle Analyzer , Body Microscope, Electronic Universal Tensile tester, Three-coordinates Measuring Machine, Electronic Balance, Two Dimensional Coordinate Measuring Instrument, etc. which can effectively ensure R&D work going smoothly.

Developed products: BGA packing used blade, high effective and long life BGA packing used blade, Optical glass used blade, LED packing used blade, Ceramic packing used blade, Glass tube cutting used blade and Tooling.

Developing products: QFN packing used metal-bonded cutting blade, Wafer cutting used grinding wheel, etc.

Two patents of invention patents are applying now. 
Core technology:


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