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Corporate Culture

Enterprise Purpose:
Creating Domestic Topping Enterprise
Forging World Famous Brands


Business Objectives:  Develop by Science and Technology, Survive by Quality

With Outstanding Group, Build Brand Running Tech

With Perfect Technology, Achieve Enterprise Quintessence

Mission of Running Tech:
The enterprise stick on Technology and innovation are the main production power, the customer’s need is work standard, so that it can solve many problems existed in the fields of fine cutting on current semiconductor production, high level chip packing and new type flat panel display, etc. The enterprise realized long life and standardized production through the way of strengthening its R&D ability which ensures the product with high quality, low cost and full technical service for the customers.

Enterprise Abilities:
Running Tech has a few of intellectual properties and technique fruits with its

Professional R&D group and advanced process equipments. In recent years. Running Tech

has passed test evaluations by many famous international packing companies because of its

Good reputation and high quality. The long and stable cooperation has been established between Running Tech and these companies. The products of the enterprise features in

stable quality, low cost, short period of delivery, quick and convenient service, etc.

which is the most critical factors that Running Tech can be one of the most important enterprise in

this field. The products of Running Tech have been sold to the regions of North

American, Europe and South East Asia, etc. 

The Enterprise Spirit:
With the staff intelligence, Running Tech create high quality products, provide super services.

Enterprise Ethics:
Honesty and Trustworthiness, Steady Operation

Enterprise Style :

Effective in Economy, Rule in Management , Principle in Act, Efficiency in Work

Business Philosophy:

Self-improvement, Healthy Competition, Mutual Appreciation, Mutual Support
Concentration drive innovation, competition drive development

Marketing strategy:

Special product,  high quality , Moderate Price, In time Delivery, Flexible Strategy, High Level Service

Quality Principle:
1.Serious in each work procedure, do best in each product.
2.Quality, forever subject for the victory in the future battle
Unqualified product is the same as useless trash.

Group Principle :
Same Target, Lead in Work, coordination and trust , Shoulder the Risk together

Employee Principle :
Self-transcendence, perfect in each work
Staff rely on the development of Enterprise, Enterprise Rely on the Work of the Staff

Talent Principle:


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