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 Development course:

 In the year 1992, the Enterprise was founded;

In the year 1993, the Enterprise was dedicated to the development and application of the basic traditional diamond product; meanwhile, the company started to develop high precision super thin matrix diamond cutting blade. 

In the year 1995, the series products of super thin matrix diamond cutting blade RTM1A1 was successfully developed. It is widely used in the fine cutting of diode glass, fuse glass tube and energy saving annular tube; it not only broke up the technical monopoly of foreign products but also made the Enterprise to be the lead manufacturer of specific diamond product that can replace the foreign products in this field. 

In the year 1998, its technical capabilities was fully affirmed by North Electro-optic Co., Ltd (Xi’an); at the same year, it established technical cooperation with North Electro-optic Co., Ltd;

In the year 2001, after many times of technical visiting and communicating abroad, the Enterprise directed the development to semiconductor packing field.  

In the year 2005, after four years of continuous research and hard work, the high precision and high cutting force complete unit of super thin diamond was successfully finished.

In the year 2007, the Enterprise yielded a rich harvest on the precision cutting field of optical glass, high power ceramic substrate.

In the year 2008, the Enterprise finished its stock reform; the name of the Enterprise changed as Running Tech Co., Ltd; it entered into semiconductor packing field.

In the year 2009, through eight years of development, RTM1A8-P passed the qualification of Spansion Semiconductor which made the Enterprise to be the lead blade manufacturer in the field of semiconductor packing.

     In the year 2010, the high operation ability and high management standard workshop was finished as well as the R&D center. The Enterprise moved to Xincheng Sci-tech Industrial Park of Xi’an High Tech Zone. The Enterprise stepped forward to its intended target. At the end of the year, the products RTM1A8-P, RTM1V8-P and RTM1K8-G obtained the certificate of a few of semiconductor and optical manufacturers. The company entered into QFN and silicon slot machining field.

In the year 2011, advanced professional test center was established. The cutting ability and stability of on line cutting blade of international top level Scribing machine can ensure the high quality products.   

    In the year 2013, the Enterprise had its Professional R&D group and put six millions of investment for the developing of two new models of Dicing Wafer Hub Blade and Nickel Bond Blades; the Enterprise was dedicated to provide qualified products and perfect service in the field of semiconductor packing.  
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